"Black Shadow"

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Beautifully Unique

This piece is embellished with shimmering gold tinted glass, gold metal glitter, stones, fine acrylic paints & alcohol ink.

I designed this piece in layers to give it a 3D dimensional look with loads of texture and sparkle.

- Base consists of wood, hand carved
-L 29.5 x W 18.5
-Half inch in thickness

An extra flood coat was added on top with high end epoxy resin that gives the painting a high gloss finish with a protective coating.

This exact piece has sold, please allow 1-2 weeks processing time as each one is made to order. Will slightly differ than picture shown.

 Corrine pours her heart and soul into each original painting! She paints with professional grade acrylic pigments and high quality artist resin. Each original painting is signed with authenticity on the back of each piece. We have included hardware for your assembling, depending how you would like it to be hung. 

Please note: Corrine cannot always guarantee a 'flawless finish' but she always tries her best to reduce the amount of interference from environmental elements. She sees slight "imperfections" as part of the uniqueness and beauty of the piece. 


Corrine uses a high quality artist's resin that will not yellow, crack, or cloud over time. To keep your original resin painting looking awesome, do not hang in direct sunlight and avoid touching the surface.

To clean your painting, spray with a gentle glass cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth. The resin will not crack, but it can scratch, so please handle with care.