Charcuterie Boards

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Our handmade, wooden, charcuterie board made from elm and epoxy. These unique epoxy river boards have been planed, meticulously cut and joined to make a unique and beautiful multi-purpose board. This board can be used as a serving tray, charcuterie board or just so beautiful you’ll want to display it on your counter.

A low/zero odor, food safe epoxy, sanded down to a 1500 grit shine, finished with 3 coats of Howard’s butcher block oil and a final protective coat of Howard’s conditioner....all geared towards a food safe finish.

Board dimensions are approximately 24” x 12” x 1 1/4” thick. Dimensions will vary slightly from board to board during production.

Warning: You should never cut anything on this board. Cutting on the epoxy will ruin the board instantly. This board is safe to serve and eat food off of, but should not be cut on.

These boards are made to order so if you have ideas on something specific, please let me know. 

Made to Order-Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing and curing time as needed