Swarovski & Pyrite LuxPop

Swarovski & Pyrite LuxPop

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Swarovski & Pyrite LuxPop

Our Fool's Gold Phone Grips are Simply Breathtaking. They are both elegant & stylish. Embellished with Swarovski Crystals these are eyecatchers! The LuxPop are swappable and comes securely mounted onto an popsocket that is easily removable by squeezing the sides.

Handmade-Each stone is carefully choosen by the designer for its quality and uniqueness.

They can be easily changed and swap the look of your phone without having to remove the mount..

*Please note these are natural stones, if you drop your phone their is a possibility of it cracking or chipping.

*Phone case not included

*We offer a lifetime warranty if in any case a crystal is lost, we will happily replace and repair any minimal damages at no additional cost. Buyer is responsible for shipping to & from. Unfortunately If phone is dropped and the stone is damaged Refunds are not available.

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